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September 27, 2017 

Coaches: Please email rosters (name, gender, grade level) to Coach Pose 

Meet Information 

Columbia Park, in the City of Torrance (190th Street and Prairie/Madrona Avenue


Grassy, flat, and very spectator friendly (80% grass, 15% trail, 5% concrete). We encourage all of you to come early and familiarize yourself with the course. We will have monitors around key areas of the course. Some areas will be flagged and some will be lined. All CIF rules apply and all athletes must stay within three feet of either side of the line. Please make your athletes responsible to know the course. 

Team Camp

Please use the area on either side of the sandbox away from the start for your team's campsite. Please make sure your athletes keep all their belongings in one place. As we know, there will be many athletes out there and things tend to get "lost" easily. Please be responsible for cleaning your own areas before leaving the park; trash bags will be provided, so please have the athletes use them. 

Divisions and Schedule

JV Boys  1:30 PM

JV Girls  2:00 PM

Soph Boys 2:30 PM

Frosh Girls 3:00 PM

Varsity Girls 3:30 PM

Varsity Boys 4:00 PM

Frosh Boys  4:30 PM

Awards - immediately after final scoring


Individual awards are given as athletes come down the chute.  Team Cup, Divisions, Fastest Male/Female, and top 3 individuals will be done at the awards presentation. Please gather your athletes as soon as possible after the race so we can beat the dark.  Trophies for top 3 individuals per division, medals for 4th to 30th in lower level, 4th to 40th in varsity.  Trophy for the fastest Male and Female of the meet.  Top three teams in each of the seven divisions will receive plaques.  The "Team Cup" is awarded to the best boys team and the best girls team. This will be calculated by taking the top 2 finishers from each school per divisional race, and adding their time. Fastest overall time wins the Cup; this totals to eight times for boys and six times for girls. This will ensure that the lower level athletes take an important part in the outcome of the meet. (Clarification: take your top two varsity finishers, your top two jv finishers, top two sophomore finishers, and top two frosh finishers and add their times together, thus not only does place matter, but times as well.)

2017 Fees 

The fees for this year are $10 per single entry. $50 maximum for each race when entering 5 or more runners. $300 maximum but only if entering ALL divisions with 5 or more runners.  Please coaches, remember that payment is due prior to the start of the meet. All funds will be used for purchase of awards, extra restroom facilities, advertising, and everything else to make the meet a  success. Please make checks payable to Torrance High School Cross Country.

At the Meet

We will hand out packets as payment is received. Let us know how many full teams andhow many individuals you have. Because of the electronic entry and timing system, please help by submitting a list of your entrants ahead of race day. Look for updated information here.  We will have a short coach's meeting at 1:00 to go over last minute details.


Questions or comments regarding the South Bay Cup should be directed to Israel Pose.

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